Jazz Jam - each month in The Crown Hotel, Woodbridge.

The Jazz Jam is entertaining because players who join us are of such a varied skill level, that makes for wow amazing! player to ooh real struggler but go go go, keep at it, you got up and played. Somehow the audience find this the most enjoyable evening, because not everyone is brilliant, but everyone is daring to play. Here is Take Five with house band Barry Kingston keys, Richard Arundel double bass and me on alto sax with guests Mike Owen tenor sax, bongo man bongos.

www.saxpop.com. Play saxophone for fun

Almost anybody can learn to play saxophone, as long as there is not the pressure to be a concert performer, and the idea is simply to enjoy yourself. It may take time, but it's easy!
Saxophone lessons around Woodbridge.
Learn to play by ear, learn to play for your own enjoyment, it's easy when you like doing it.

Saxophone jazz standards and pop, like Take Five, Pink Panther and Baker Street.

Quality Saxophone

Clarissa plays solo saxophone at functions, street fairs, parties and corporate events,  animatiing functions by walking around the tables, engaging with people in a friendly manner and doing requests, usually the Pink Panther, Baker Street, Just the Two of Us and that Epic Sax Guy song (Careless Whisper - George Michael).
Clarissa lives in Woodbridge, Suffolk and will work anywhere in the world, by arrangement.
In 2008 The Barry Kingston Trio formed, playing jazz and blues in cafe's, wedding receptions, charity fundraising events, regattas and private events. In 2018 the Barry Kingston Quartet is well established with several regular monthly bookings in hotels, pubs and events.
Clarissa teaches saxophone.

She has played saxophone since the mid 80s. Beginning by jumping in for a few solos with Sunday pub jazz bands and then busking in Europe. In the late 80s she formed a double bass, guitar and saxophone trio called 'Carousel'.
She now teaches saxophone based in Woodbridge, Suffolk.